Bordeaux Farms - Cow Share Program

The laws in Virginia are structured such that the only way to attain farm-fresh milk to to own your own cow. Bordeaux Farms has a small herd of beautiful jersey cows; we will sell you a portion of the herd and agree to take care of your herd for a small boarding fee. This means that you have rich, silky, and pure milk from your own herd of cows without all the work. Imagine this, you don’t even have to rise at 5am to milk your herd or to be back 12 hurs later to milk them again.

How the milk is handled.

The milk is filtered and chilled immediately after milking. Quick chilling of the milk is critical to shelf life. We find that while there is some seasonal variation in how long the milk lasts, the milk  should stay sweet and tasty 7-10 days after you pick up your milk. We use half gallon mason jars, if you would like to use different jars, we are happy to fill any glass jars that you supply.


  • $100 a month for 4 gallons of milk a week
  • $50 a month for 2 gallons of milk a week.

Limited Share Options Available

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