Bordeaux Farms - Pasture Raised Farm Fresh Eggs

One of the best things about living on a farm is having the freshest food possible and NOTHING tastes better that farm fresh eggs, picked daily! With endless health benefits and real taste, local eggs make a difference. What makes Bordeaux eggs the best eggs are our natural farming practices.  Our birds run about the pasture eating grass, clover, worms, grasshoppers and other bugs.  They have access to their coops at anytime while they are out and about around the farm. As an egg farm, we know that nature does it best and you can benefit with are farm fresh sales everyday.

Local Farm Fresh Eggs Vs. The Grocery Store

Did you know that store bought eggs are usually already 30+ days old when you get them? On top of that, they are likely chock full of hormones and antibiotics that inhumanely force hens to lay more and more. At Bordeaux Farms,  our eggs beat out the competition by being fresh and organic. They are usually sold within the first week of being laid. That means that they can keep in your refrigerator for up to 2 months without any problems.  And farm fresh eggs from pastured hens contain up to 20 times more healthy omega - 3 fatty acids than store bought eggs.  

We sell our Farm Fresh Eggs for $3.00 a dozen 

Please call Jake ahead of time to make sure we have enough available.
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Our Location:

Bordeaux Farms is located in Madison County, Virginia. Many of our patrons for farm fresh eggs are from Culpeper and Orange, VA or other areas near the Robinson River. For our address and information about any of our farm fresh goods please contact us.