Forest Fed, Pasture Raised Pork
Have you ever seen 20 pigs on pasture, clearing underbrush on the hillside, or turning bedding into compost? These are three of current production models for pigs. At Bordeaux, we specialize in pasture raised pork in Virginia.

We are dedicated to the humane treatment of our animals and execute this in all our pig farming. They root with their noses, cool off in the mud, and enjoy a diet of grain and foraged foods, such as acorns and tubers.  We provide ample space for our pigs to roam and express their curious natures, all without the use of hormones and antibiotics.  The return  on our humane pig farm is delicious, happily raised, pastured pork.  
Gloucestershire Old Spots 

Gloucestershire Old Spots, descended from a region in Gloucestershire, England. GOS are a historic pig breed known for its distinctive white coat with black spots.  They were selected as excellent foragers and grazers making them an ideal option for pasture raising pigs.  The GOS remains remarkably hardy today.  They can withstand harsh weather and adverses conditions.  This is due to their higher body fat ratio.  GOS once server as an important producer of flavorful meats, lard and bristle hair. When combined with our organic pig farming methods, the result is flavorful, healthy pork.


Hampshire hogs are black with a white belt and erect ears.  The belt is a strip of white across the shoulders that covers the front legs around the body making them a very distinct breed.  Hampshires are admired for their proficiency, hardy vigor, foraging ability and outstanding carcass quality .  They are a heavily muscled, lean meat breed that thrive in grass fed farming techniques.  They are the fourth most recorded breed of pigs in the United States.  Also, Hampshire females have gained a reputation among many hog farmers as being great mothers.  These females are considered excellent pig raisers and have a longevity in the herd.

We have been raising Hampshires for the last few years and feel their temperament is one of the best.  They are one of the most friendly and entertaining breeds of pigs.  The pasture fed pork that we have produced from them has been flavorful and tender.  The Hampshires hams have been the largest, most tender and delicious hams we have ever eaten!

All Natural Forest Fed, Pasture Raised Pork - No Antibiotics or Hormones 
Organic Pork Cuts Price List:
Smoke Cured Bacon:           $6.50/lb.
Pork Chops (2 per pack):     $7.50/lb. 
Breakfast Link Sausage:      $8.00/lb.
Ground Pork:                        $6.00/lb.
Hot Italian Sausage:             $6.50/lb.
Pork Loin Roast:                   $7.50/lb.
Pork Tenderloin:                   $10.00/lb.
Spare Ribs:                          $5.00/lb.
Boston Butt Roast:               $7.50/lb.

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